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Looking for Graphic Designer? - You are on the right way!

Why is Graphic Design important today?

People who have chosen the way of graphic designer, develop the style of companies and goods, logos, fonts, advertising products. And most importantly - stink buy their own unique design style. Graphic design is used in various spheres of life: the design of printing, in the spheres of business and advertising products. Also, the designer is able to do branding, design of outdoor advertising, creation of corporate style of the company.
Do you have business in the Internet? Do you have a website, blog or social network page? To attract users it is necessary to develop a bright packaging of goods, to decorate the page profile with a memorable banner. This is what an experienced graphic designer needs.

We will provide acceptable prices for the Print Design

If you need in Print Design, Design of Souvenir Productions, Logo Creation, Package Design, Website Design, Banner Creation or Firm Corporate Design Production - Graphic Designer Kate Kravchenko will help with the implementation of your projects with pleasure. Be sure you are on the right way!

For example, price begins from:

  • Print Design and Design of Souvenirs - from 100 UAH (4$);
  • Logo Design, Outdoor Advertising Design, Package Design and Web Banner Design - from 500 UAH (20$);
  • Web Banner Design - from 1500 UAH (55$);
  • Corporate Design - from 2800 UAH (100$).

What services does the Graphic Designer Kate Kravchenko provide?

  • Print Design;
  • Design of Souvenirs;
  • Advertising Models Creation;
  • Creating Presentations;
  • Logo Design;
  • Website Design;
  • Package Design Creation;
  • Making Advertising Booklets, Books, Magazines;
  • Corporate Design.

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